The South Jersey Camaro Club attended the show in force. It was quite a site seeing fourteen 5th gens role into Taylor’s (Sicklerville) in formation.

The show was kind of half assed, but, well attended. Lots of bad ass Ricer cars on the scene, but, unfortunately you tend to get a handful of bad attitudes to go along with them.
Most were good folk and we all had a good time just messing with each other.
When it came trophy time…..there was an hour or more delay. The poor DJ’s tried to keep the crowd entertained but it just dragged on and on.
Even the “bikini contest” was lacking.
I wasn’t expecting much if anything in the way of awards, but, I’ll be damned, several club members brought home the happy.
Congratulations on another fine club outing!
Apparently the dress code for the day was “Pants On The Ground”.