We at the South Jersey Camaro Club want to thank The Classic Corvette Club and Classic Chevrolet for the great show.
The show was the POWERFEST, Sponsored and Hosted by Classic Chevrolet in Maple Shade. It was billed as “All-GM Powered Car Show”.
It was a gloomy, chilly day. A few of our members drove in torrential downpours to attend.
Our club piled in with 14 members! We were welcomed by The Classic Corvette Club like returning war heroes. The weather left them wondering if anyone would make the trip to the show.
It ended up being a decent day and the rain held off till after the late afternoon trophy presentations.
As an aside, I’ve been told Corvette owners (and their clubs) in general, can be d-bags. The myth was quickly and happily debunked!
The officers and members were great fun and great car guys. As expected, the Corvette members were there in force and had some truly gorgeous rides to show off. We all had fun swapping stories, talking mods and making fun of g’s “Knight Rider Lights”. No, they are not gay…ok, maybe a little.
The Classic Chevy dealership folks were also good people and really worked the show and it’s participants making sure everyone felt welcomed and had a great time.
The South Jersey Camaro Club’s members all left with a trophy, which quickly negated the effects any rain.
As a club we can’t wait to to see them all again!
Thank you again from your new friends in the the South Jersey Camaro Club!
We can’t wait to see you all again!