[br] I bought it 21 years ago. It had so much plastic in the body that I thought I was going to be put into a different weight class when I went to the DMV to register it.

As I said, It all started 21 years ago, I decided to find a car that I felt would allow me to take my family to some cruises. After an evaluation of which car would be the best for my needs, I purchased a 1969 Camaro. This turned out to be a lesson on buying a “classic’ ride. The car turned out to be less than I hoped it would. It  led me to my quest of getting it right and having a reliable and fun car.

My journey into the Camaro world led me first into getting the car to run correctly. Here’s where the fun starts. A friend located an intake manifold for a ’69 smallblock in a field of old parts. The carburetor was given to me and a rebuild was in order to get it to work correctly. An exhaust system was needed and getting the car to a muffler shop to fabricate a dual exhaust system rounded out the running gear. Trust me, it wasn’t all that easy. My attention turned to the body. The rear quarter panels were almost pure bondo. The car needed body work in a big way. This is where I came to know a gentlemen named Larry Hunter. Mr. Hunter hung new quarters, dissembled the car and painted it in old lacquer. The original color of Glacier Blue was sprayed and clear coated.The stock blue interior was completed by me. It was a rather easy installation. Easy means the aggravation of fitting pieces was at a minimal.My next focus was on the factory air conditioning system. At least what was left of the factory air. Again, my luck held out and I located a person who has an old automobile bone yard.  Credit goes to Ron Williams  for finding a donor car and installing my factory air.This 3 year process of rebuilding was all worth it in the end. My Camaro has a 350 cu. in. engine that is reliable and quick. The air conditioning is great when traveling to an event in a hot New Jersey summer. My family can now join me on some of my car outings. Best of all it‘s become a fun ride.As you can see, my nonmatching number resto-ride is another Camaro saved from the ravishes of time.

I bid a great Camaro Season to the fine guys and gals of the SJCC.