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Club Technical Director and all around pretty boy rj cilurso


Ladies and Gentleman I’d like to introduce myself as the new Technical Director for the Club.  If you are wondering how this shook out, I opened my big mouth and mentioned that the club didn’t have enough focus or opportunity on the gear head aspects of Camaros.  We do a great job shining them up and putting stickers on them ;), but rarely do we have anything focused on the Do It Yourselfer or promoting the hot rod aspect of owning a muscle car.  Our leadership, being good leaders, said “fine Skippy, you’re it and I expect some fine tech stuff”.  Welp, here we are.

I am in no way an expert and I’m sure some of you old gear heads have forgotten more than I know.  But I’ve been actively building stuff for 30 years.  If it has wheels I’ve owned it, modded it and probably screwed it up.  I’ve owned every generation of Camaro.  I just sold my supercharged ’12 so I’m down to a 98 and a 67 but don’t hold that against me.  I hope to provide you with information, inspiration or plain entertainment.

In the upcoming months we are going to try and provide a few different tech oriented events.  I’m looking to find some sponsors to allow us to come in and take a look at different installs etc.

I’m going to start a “Horsepower War” where the car with the highest dyno numbers is king.  Hopefully looking to use a friend of the club’s dyno so we are all on even ground.  Benefits of being “King” will be published.  We will also have a category for track time.  I know a few of us have monsters in our closets so this contest will only be open to F-body cars.

For folks that have been thinking about trying an install but just aren’t there yet, I’d like to offer self help clinics at my house where we as a club help members install go fast and look good parts.  Like everything in life, we need to determine how we protect the club and its members with a waiver of sorts, but we will work through that.

I also hope to write an article for the newsletter.  I’m usually under a car in the shop and if nothing else I’ll just comment on whatever happens to be there at the time.  It would be really nice however; if club members had topics they want to hear about.

I’m always around to talk cars/answer questions.  Tech stuff does not need to be limited to F-bodys.  If you want to know what carb to run on a 350 with a big cam ask.  I will probably offer my opinion, show you why and open it up for other members to comment much like our recent discussion on sand and salt bags in the back seat of a Camaro lol.

I look forward to try and bring another aspect of owning these great cars to the club.  Much of how well this works depends on your participation, but I have enough stupid wrenching stories to keep us busy for a while!