The first meeting of the South Jersey Camaro Club came to order at 7:46pm October 5, 2011. The meeting took place at Geet’s diner in Williamstown, NJ.

Sixteen members came to the meet. For some it was the first time meeting our illustrious president Al, they stayed anyway.

Al got the tee shirts made while g allowed the die cut stickers….to die.

A secret a motion was filed to eject BillySpeed from the club for suggesting our meeting be held at Geet’s. The food was awful. The motion was tabled. It seems many of the members felt sorry for his terrible “loss” on Sunday to his rival, “Stickers”. Billy was so upset he broke his tiny little trophy.

First Meeting

South Jersey Camaro Club had it\'s first official meeting October 5th, 2011. It was held at Geet\'s Diner.