Ed & I hit a deer tonight on the way home from the show today.
Not sure how fast I was going but it was fast enough to explode when I hit it.
I found the heart on a cross member being cooked by my X pipe (See Photos)
I will asses the undercarriage damage when I get it on the lift tomorrow.
Left rear tire also has a puncher in the side wall.
No one was hurt, it could have been worse…..
Ed hit what was left and damaged his front bumper cover, so he needs some body work and paint.
Neither of us will be attending the rain deer games tomorrow, need to fix and clean my car
El Presidente
Dog Food
mmmm, mmmmm goooood…..

I know what you’re thinking, I asked the same thing..”was the deer ok?”

My car is wounded, broken transmission mount.
Vibration while driving, punctured sidewall in a $300 tire, & blood burnt smelly deer from front to rear.
More damage than I thought………